Rail Europe

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    City Center to City Center

    When travelling by train, you avoid transfers, endless queues at crowded airports or the stress of driving in a different country. Reach your destination fresh and relaxed.

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    Whether it is for long or short journeys, comfort is always appreciated. Onboard, you will find spacious carriages with large seats and space for luggage.

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    Unique Experience

    From high speed trains, offering an efficient and rapid connection between two cities to luxurious trains or panoramic trains offering spectacular scenery, a train ride can be a destination in itself.

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    Save Money

    Whether you go for a Pass or a Point ticket, you can always benefit from attractive prices. Tickets can be very affordable when booked in advance and Passes not only offer discounts but also give access to bonuses.

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    Be Green

    Think about making that trip a little greener by travelling by train. Well-established high speed rail systems operate in a more environmentally friendly way than any other means of transport.

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